Friday The 13th: Meet and Shoot

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Hello Indianapolis! Tomorrow I will be hosting a shoot for the Indianapolis area stanced scene with Lindsay Dather! This shoot is for a brand new idea I have where I will be creating a hard-backed, 100 page book highlighting all of what the fitment scene has brought to the Indy area. This book will be limited edition to 100 copies. However, depending on how well it does, there could possibly be a behind the scenes edition too, we’ll see. Anyway, we will be at the Ivy Tech parking garage off of Fall creek (27th and Meridian) then we will be cruising downtown to an indoor location and getting some rollers in on the way. If you have trouble I will be by my phone all day just get on Facebook and send a message to ArtDesignDrive and I will let you know where we are.

This will be the first shoot of about 7 that I will be hosting over the course of the rest of the year so I can get this book finished before I leave for Colorado next year with my best friend! So, if you can’t make it out tomorrow there will be other chances. Those of you that can make it we look forward to meeting you all!

Friday The 13th