Annual Future Classics Car Show

If you were in attendance at the Future Classics Car Show you were in for a secret gem of an event. This very small, essentially word of mouth, event is a one of a kind show that even the most seasoned car enthusiasts don’t want to miss. As it is still a growing show each year it brings out fresh builds and projects that are taking different forms. Here is a look back at last years event.

Blending the old school and new age cars together to emulate what the future of car meets will look like! I absolutely love this concept for two reasons; one being that it makes for a great variety of photos which keeps things interesting, and secondly for the atmosphere it brings. The people are what make the shows and if people are doing burnouts and silly revving then the show won’t be asked to come back to the location. From what I saw, the majority if not all of the adults and children there were very respectful. People were laughing, hanging out, having a bite to eat, and overall just being a good community which is a great feeling!

Being that my work schedule is a bit more demanding I was quite late upon arrival, but as they say better late than never! As I pulled into the garage around 5:45 the line was only about 2 cars deep so I knew I had missed quite a few good portions of the show. I especially wanted to take some sunset shots and compete in the Forza 7 hot lap competition, but that wasn’t in the cards this year. Anyway, enough excuses because I did end up getting quite a few good night shots!

I also brought Michelle along to hang out while I took photos. She’s still a work in progress, but aren’t they all?

Here are my favorites from the time I was in attendance. I, along with many others, absolutely loved the black GTR owned by France Atala out of Tucson, Arizona. Equipped with a set of SSR Wheels it sits pretty perfect. The fan favorite and my all time most wanted car was John Garza’s 2J swapped 1977 Celica. This car with the pearl paint was absolutely perfect. Every inch, inside and out, was like it just came from the detailer/upholsterer. The 1998 fully built, trans and engine, 2JZ single turbo Supra pushing over 1,000whp won best of show which was clearly well deserved. All of these cars give testament to show what it takes to become a future classic. Last but not least was the old school, laid out, Toyota Cressida with zebra print seats! This thing was just pure awesome all around!

As the show was coming to a close there were a lot more opportunities to photograph some of the cars that were a bit more crowded when I made the trek up to the top. The full show was the top 3 levels of the Scottsdale Quarter parking garage, which was two more levels of show space than the previous year. This has become one of my favorite car show locations since it’s easily accessible and is very well maintained. Overall the show was a 10/10 in my book and I look forward to attending the full duration of next years show!